Get Started with Your New Website!

Hello Stephanie, Janelle and all New Braunfels Dentists staff, is now powered by a robust and stable application called WordPress. This page contains 12 tutorial videos that will give you a jump start on using your new website.
It might be helpful to have a notepad nearby so that you can write down any questions you want to ask me. There will be some buttons and features mentioned in these videos that you don’t see because you only have access to the buttons that you need for blogging. This is to simplify your experience using WordPress.
All of these videos together are probably 45 minutes total, so just take your time and work at your own pace! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thanks for letting me create your new website!
Kathryn Taylor


WordPress 101: What is WordPress?


WordPress 101: The Dashboard


WordPress 101: Admin Bar


WordPress 101: Posts vs. Pages


WordPress 101: Creating Posts


WordPress 101: Adding Links


WordPress 101: Adding Images


WordPress 101: Formatting Posts


WordPress 101: Scheduling Posts


WordPress 101: Categories & Tags


WordPress 101: Create a Page


WordPress 101: Comments


Good job! You’re finished with all the technical details. Now for the fun part! Here are some tips for creating a great blog!

Ten Tips for Writing a Blog Post
How to Write Great Blog Content